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Originally, the TRAP in TRAP House Chicago stood for "Teens Reaching All Potential". I was going to operate the vision as an after-school program. After giving it more thought, I decided to go with "Truth Reaching All People" and make it a for-profit business. 

With the business and brand, it is my goal to create merchandise to be consumed by masses of people who want to see communities of color transformed and put all of the money towards transforming.

Each merch drop and/or collection has social impact goals.

The merchandise is for the consumer who: 

  • believes in the transformative power of restorative justice. 

  • wants to contribute to an economic movement to address conditions that often lead to crime and violence. 

  • puts their money where their heart is. 

  • wants communities of color to thrive. 

  • shares our values of love, respect, and humanity. 

  • consumes responsibly. 

  • likes dope merchandise with a social cause. 

TRAP House Chicago works to take advantage of these opportunities: 

  • transform unused opportunity-rich retail spaces into love-based black-owned businesses in communities of color. 

  • local employment opportunities. 

  • create platforms for authentic expression on the south and west sides of Chicago for local residents. 

  • create safe places for spiritual education, inspiration, and rejuvenation. 

  • create positive approaches to prevent and resolve conflicts. 

  • create access to relatable and applicable education on community organizing and entrepreneurship. 

  • practice radical relationship-building.

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