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Mashaun Ali Hendricks is a restorative justice practitioner and contemporary artist. He is a result-oriented practitioner and educator in restorative justice philosophy and practices, specializing in providing training and professional development for community members and youth services providers, including K - 12 teachers and school administrators, community organizations, and criminal justice systems. He is a social justice visionary committed to resolving social issues that lead to instances of crime and violence in under-served and disadvantaged communities. 

As a contemporary artist, Mashaun uses the media of screen printing, design, streetwear apparel, text, wheat-paste, concept stores, and installations. The apparel, printed works, and installations created demand people's attention with bold phrases and images, upon questioning and conversation, viewers find that the messages and text in the work purposefully use a paradox, irony, and subversive language that makes a statement about current socio-political and socio-economic conditions and opportunities. 


CRIMEDROUGHT LLC - Executive Director

TRAP House Chicago - Owner - 5 retail location/community engagement locations

Circuit Court of Cook County Restorative Justice Community Court -

Restorative Justice Consultant

YMCA of Metro Chicago - Bridging the Divide - Project Coordinator & Trainer 

Chicago Public Schools - Restorative Justice Specialist 

Alternatives, Inc - Restorative Justice Specialist & Coordinator

Banner South Academy Alternative High School - Teacher

Chicago Area Project - Youth As Resources & Program Development Asst. Coordinator 


​2019     PrimeTime features Fashion Designer - Question Everything - Museum of Contemporary Art


2018     Lean Artist Chicago - I was Raised on the Internet, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

2017     3AP Artist Grant, 3Arts

2016     School of the Art Institute Chicago | Homan Square Artist in Residence 




2021     Mariposa: Art in Resistance - Vault Galerie & Healthy Hood - Chicago, IL 

2018     SANCTUARY - 3Arts & 6018|North - EXPO Chicago, Chicago, IL 

2017     All of the Above - Art, Theory, & Culture - Elephant Room Gallery x Flatland / FLTLNDS PRSS, Chicago, IL

2017     CRIMEDROUGHT: The Solution - Hairpin Art Center - Chicago, IL

2017     The P.O.W.E.R. Project - Art Leaders of Color Network - CRIMEDROUGHT: The Solution - Comfort Station - Chicago, IL



2023      Community Space Building - UIC College of Architecture Design and the Arts - Chicago, IL  


2022      Restorative Justice in Chicago | National Restorative Justice Conference - Chicago, IL

2021      Expanding the Circle | Understanding Restorative Justice - Envisioning Justice - Illinois Humanities


2021      Restorative Justice Philosophy in Action - Day of Service - School of the Art Institue Chicago


2020      Black Mental Wellness Conference - Featured Artist - Streetwear and Justice 


2018     Lean Artist Commissioned Artist - I Was Raised on the Internet - Museum of Contemporary Art 


2018     Lead Lives: Restorative Circles - A Social Experiment / TRAP House Chicago x FUNDRED, Presenter, Washington D.C.

2017     From Trauma to Healing, Advancing Justice Reinvestment in Illinois, Presenter

2017     Creative Approaches to Social Justice - University of Illinois in Chicago, Chicago, IL

2017     Open Engagement 2017 Conference - Justice - Streetwear x Art x Radical Restorative Justice & Funding Social Justice, Chicago, Il

2016/     Columbia College Chicago: Dance and Movement Therapy | Deepening Diversity Class, Guest Lecturer


2015     International Association of Chief of Police, Speaker 

2015     US Department of Justice: Forum City, Panelist

2015     Loyola School of Law: Cradle to Career vs. School to Prison Pipeline, Panelist 

2017/     University of Chicago: Summer Service Program, Speaker




2014/     University of Chicago: Adolescence Male Seminar, Speaker and Panelist


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