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Corporate Impact

My corporate impact services provide a comprehensive range of solutions for those seeking to impact their community positively. I offer various services for K-12 educators, School Districts, Law Enforcement, Elected Officials, Youth and Adult Justice Professionals, and Community-based Organizations.


Have questions? Schedule a consultation to learn more about my services and how I can help you achieve your impact goals. 


Feel and Understand

Restorative Justice

"Feel and Understanding Restorative Justice" is a comprehensive workshop that delves into the history and definition of restorative justice. It highlights the shift from punitive approaches to safety and productivity and emphasizes the importance of restorative justice in today's society.


The workshop also provides practical strategies to incorporate the philosophy into our daily lives. This workshop can be customized to fit your needs and is suitable for up to 50 participants.


Peace Circle Sessions

The peace circle process is an engaging and dynamic tool that brings the philosophy of Restorative Justice to life. The circle process can heal, deepen, and sustain healthy relationships within the work environment. Whether it's for building team synergy, collective vision setting, building relationships with new clients, lifting team morale, celebrating, or moving through challenges, the circle is an effective tool for communication. The process fosters shared values such as respect, honesty, empathy, and accountability.

The circle process is suitable for 6 - 15 participants at a time.


Full Staff Peace Circle Training

Are you ready to transform your company into a community of Peace Circle Keepers? Our 5-day training is the perfect opportunity to equip your staff with the knowledge and skills to promote healthy relationships and embody restorative justice. With a comprehensive understanding of the philosophy of Restorative Justice and the confidence to hold space for the circle process, your staff will be empowered to create a positive and supportive work environment. Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate and a resource guide to support their practice. Join us in embodying restorative justice in your company!


Restorative Justice Consultant + Coach

You're taking a step towards creating a more inclusive and restorative work environment. Bringing on a restorative justice consultant can help guide the development of programming that promotes healing accountability, and community building. I'm excited to see the positive impact this will have on your workplace culture.

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