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Mashaun Ali Hendricks is the go-to expert for Restorative Justice Professional Development and Peace Circle Keeper Training. His guidance has and continues to empower communities to truly commit to values that foster healing, build trust, and strengthen relationships. Mashaun's approach to Restorative Justice is highly practical and deeply impactful, rather than a theoretical, short-lived, superficial solution.

Mashaun Ali Hendricks

About Mashaun...


Mashaun Ali Hendricks is a highly skilled and dedicated restorative justice expert with over 14 years of experience. He has worked extensively with Chicago Public Schools to relinquish their overall reliance on punitive practices; contributing to the rewriting of the Student Code of Conduct, all to reduce suspensions, expulsions, and in-school arrests. Mashaun has also collaborated with the Chicago Police Department's Community Alternative Policing Strategy to circle keeper train officers and contribute to the development of "restorative policing strategies". Mashaun's expertise has been recognized by the Cook County Court Restorative Justice Community Court, where he served as a consultant creating the Healing and Accountability Process.

Mashaun's passion for restorative justice extends beyond transforming systems and deeply into the community. He has fused his expertise in restorative justice with his artistic gifts to open five restorative justice-based streetwear boutiques in Chicago. These spaces sell restorative justice-based garments, host events, and provide no-cost peace circles and peace circle keeper training. Mashaun's artwork and community impact have been recognized by the School of the Art Institute Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, and other art institutions.

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