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Thank you for considering a partnership with us to expand educational opportunities to those who may not have the budget to do so. We are committed to making quality Restorative Justice and circle keeper training accessible to all, and we appreciate your enthusiasm for this important cause. Let's explore how we can work together to make a meaningful impact and help more individuals and organizations benefit from this work.

Seeking Venue for Radical Relationship Building

Do you have a space or venue that could be used for radical relationship building? I am looking to partner with venues to host one or ongoing peace circles.


Peace Circles are typically 3 hours long (including setup and cleanup) and accommodate 6 - 12 people.


The ideal space would include:

- A restroom
- An open floor area for chairs in a circle
- Privacy (no interruptions)
- Clean environment with fresh air


I am interested in partnering with galleries, barbershops, salons, cafes, gardens, and similar venues.


Please reach out if have a space or know of a space. I am currently looking for spaces in Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and neighboring cities.

Thank you!


Sponsor a Future Peace Circle Keeper

Make a real difference by sponsoring a training seat for a future peace circle keeper. Your contribution will help someone passionate about creating a more peaceful world receive the necessary training to make a positive impact. Join us in supporting this worthy cause!

$875 per participant


Sponsor an Organization's Restorative Justice Training

Support an organization by sponsoring their All-staff Restorative Justice and Peace Circle Keeper Training. Your sponsorship will enhance staff synergy, improve the quality of service to the community, and make a significant positive impact on many lives. Join us in fostering positive change in your community!

$18,500 per organizational training


Sponsor Community-wide Restorative Justice and Peace Circle Keeper Training

Support a whole community in fostering peace and restorative justice. Your sponsorship will bring together organizations and individuals from the same geographical area for an impactful training session. By sponsoring this training, you will help create a network of skilled peace circle keepers dedicated to building stronger, more cohesive communities. Join us in making a lasting difference!

$26,500 per training

Make a donation

Thank you for considering donating and supporting the expansion of this work! Your contributions are greatly appreciated and will help us to provide high-quality services. Let's make a positive impact together


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